Plaza Youth Centre inc

9/11 Colebrook Street WHYALLA STUART SA 5608

PO Box 2584 WHYALLA NORRIE SA 5608†††††††††

Telephone No: (08) 86453 999 Fax: (08) 8645 3977

Email:† feedback@plazayouth.com.au

PYCís Web Page: www.plazayouth.com.au

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To establish and maintain a Youth Centre that will provide leisure, recreation, health, education, support, information, early intervention & preventative programs including activities for disadvantaged youth aged 10 Ė 25 years in particular vulnerable youth aged between 15 -18 years.

To promote community involvement in addressing and identifying youth issues.

To involve young people in the management of the Association in order to encourage self-determination for young people and to enhance the skills of those involved.

To provide a safe, caring and confidential environment that is conducive to learning and change.

Increase access and equity of disadvantaged youth to services, resources, employment, education and training.

Promote and increase consultation and participation of youth and community.

Increase awareness and interest in youth issues.†

Promote a caring secure environment that encourages a sense of belonging with an emphasis on dignity and individuality.

To encourage social justice strategies that overcome youth cultural, social barriers and prejudice.†

To provide effective strategies which improve the quality of life of young people.

To promote and develop programs which facilitate change and prevention.

To implement culturally appropriate activities.