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PO Box 2584 WHYALLA NORRIE SA 5608†††††††††

Telephone No: (08) 86453 999 Fax: (08) 8645 3977

Email:† feedback@plazayouth.com.au

PYCís Web Page: www.plazayouth.com.au

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Respecting & acknowledging each individualís strengths.

Being committed to informed consent & confidentiality.

Respecting each personís culture & individuality.

Showing integrity and respecting the dignity and worth of the person.

Fostering self-empowerment and equity by breaking down the cycle of oppression and supporting social justice.

Encouraging young people's participation in decisionĖmaking.

Respecting Individual choices and decisions.

Respecting competent staff and acknowledging their strengths and expertise.

Providing coordinated approaches in working together with clients and multiple agencies.

Ensuring each personís well-being is the most important focus.

Being committed to sharing information and resources.


In response to the organisationís values are the organisationís aims and objectives;

aims are something intended or desired to be obtained by oneís efforts (i.e. what) whilst an

objective is to do with achieving an object; itís about actions, ďpertaining to

that whose delineation is knownĒ (i.e. how).